Digital Printing in Progress

Digital (DTG) Printing

Print any digital images from a computer onto a shirt or garments through CMYK inkjet technology for full color printing. The ink binds directly to the apparel fibers so the graphic feels like a seamless part of the fabric, unlike traditional screenprinting which leaves a layer of hard ink on top of the surface. A DTG print is just as durable and long-lasting as a traditional screenprint as well. The main benefit of DTG over screenprinting is that screenprinting can not capture the detail and gradient of a full color image without the added costs of set up and creating printing screens.
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DTG Printing Guidelines

All artwork should be submitted as Vector art (.eps, .ai) or as high resolution .psd, .pdf or .tiff (300 dpi minimum), in CMYK format on a single layer.
In most cases we can NOT improve resolution on small pictures (72 dpi and under) if they need to be sized larger. If the original image is small but doesn't require size adjustments, it is possible to print, but the original image needs to be in good condition to do so (not pixelated, not blurry). Can produce images up to 1200 dpi.
Performance equal to or surpassing the standard plastisol inks.
Maximum printing size can range up to 14"x18"
Ability to print on all garment colors from the whitest white to the blackest black.

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